As communities like China, India, South America and Africa develop as they must and the standards of living rise then the demand for consumer goods will increase tremendously. This will put pressure on natural resources and in particular food and oil products. It is essential that governments recognize what will happen in the future as under developed countries catch up to the developed world. Under the system proposed here, this would be expected to happen. The richer countries should expect the poorer countries to improve minimum wages in order to develop their internal markets and not to rely on cheap exports to sustain an otherwise weak economy. Governments have to recognise the need to look after their communities.

Years ago it should have been recognized that there would be oil crises and that the demand for oil products would increase as development took place and more vehicles appeared world wide. This is accompanied by increased pollution of the atmosphere and legislation could have been introduced and should be introduced whereby second cars must be electric and encourage the development of electric cars. This would have increased the investment in and the development of this type of transport and the facilities necessary.

A Suggestion for CAROLINE

Caroline or Car of the Line is envisaged to be a high tech motor car driven by batteries but with a capability of directly accessing a mono rail for the longer journey. The mono rail would register details of the vehicle and credit card for payment. The driver would log on his destination terminal and the system would have anti collision devices to avoid accidents. We can make driverless cars now.

Railway systems are in many ways outdated because they are reliant on people and freight getting to railway stations in time to catch trains which depart on schedules irrespective of load and capacity. Most railways are underutilized. A system that uses drive on/drive off techniques for vehicles would be far preferable and would greatly help with the pollution problems of the world. This would require a chassis to drive onto which would be electrically powered and guided to its destination by computer. Separate carriages for people could use the same tracks on an as required basis. Long distance drivers could sleep while they are transported to their destination terminal.

Waste Management

As expansion of the consumer markets around the world takes place, as will happen, future concentration will probably involve a higher concentration of effort on waste management and the recycling of waste. This would be necessary to conserve the earths natural resources.