Let us consider what could have happened ...
What might happen if we had to start again?


Communities world wide went through leadership problems, kings and dictators were not interested in the development of the community but power and the enrichment of themselves and their followers. Wars were a regular thing with tribes battling tribes for their goods and their wives and children. Slavery, stealing and killing were a way of life. Communication was not easy and education very limited. The tribal wars ended with countries being formed and then there were wars between countries.

.What should have happened

There is a community of people. They have to provide themselves with food and shelter as a first priority and that is where most countries started. Introduce an intelligent leadership which will organize the rules by which they live. The people need to be educated and will be organized so that some create shelter in the form of homes and others provide food. Some will hunt and others will reap produce. Farming develops so that animals will be domesticated, it saves a huge amount of time and effort in the provision of meat. Agricultural development of food supply with the organized growing of crops provides a further saving in labour.

The shelters become more permanent and do not have to be rebuilt on a regular basis. The agricultural development means that the community will stay in one place. Having permanence means that people will develop the means to store and move water. People will want to develop furniture and things for the home. As innovation takes place so people develop the manufacturing expertise. Some of the people will organize others so that a group of people may make furniture which they will trade for food or other requirements. Others will develop expertise in agriculture and others in the manufacture of machinery for agriculture and other manufacturers.

The advent of money allowed people the freedom to work and earn money with which they can buy the goods of their choice. Money also allowed the means to accumulate wealth and to develop bigger and bigger industries with the ability to lend and borrow money. The basic is still the same the people are working to maintain themselves in the best and most comfortable manner possible.

However money brought with it problems such as corruption, bribery and theft. The leaders developed various political systems and businesses developed and while starting in a small way many developed into huge large scale productive units. Most countries developed monetary units to provide purchasing and spending power and the means to accumulate wealth and borrow funds when necessary.

We have reached a point where populations have grown considerably and Trades Unions have developed driving up wages and conditions for workers. This has encouraged technical development and fewer workers are required. Taxes have exacerbated the problems and employers have moved their businesses from the developed nations to the underdeveloped nations where labour is cheaper. Politicians and Economists now tend to look at global economic conditions rather than their home environment. Something has to be done.

Poor uneducated people will breed large families, proof of this is in Africa, and it is vital to start correcting the world on a global basis. The Global situation is that there are developed countries where communities have a reasonable but deteriorating standard of living because of unemployment and so called austerity measures largely caused by their own tax laws. Then there are underdeveloped nations such as in Africa where communities are poor with a high level of peasants and their leaders will allow the exploitation of their natural resources for their own benefit.

We then have China which has a growing economy because many factories and businesses have moved from the developed countries to take advantage of the cheap wage structure. China can exist on the exportation of products to the developed countries who have a better standard of living and provide the unemployed with benefits with which to live.

The World leaders have to recognise their responsibility to the communities which have put them into power. In addition they have to recognise what is happening in the Global economy and what is necessary to bring nations to recognise a common goal. Communities have to be in a position to work and fend for themselves, we cannot continue to have people emigrating from some countries because of poor conditions and governance to find countries with better conditions but then create a lowering of standards in those other countries.

Politicians cannot afford to have their countries continue on the existing basis where business is developing technologies and visualise robots doing a lot of the work. Robots do not get paid money to buy goods and services which they do not need anyway. People need work and entertainment to keep them occupied. It is bad policy to have a community with lots of time on their hands to drink alchohol and take drugs and fornicate and fight, they need to be kept occupied.