Greece would need to withdraw from the EU at this stage and adopt the Centreline System of Government which will pave the way for investment into the country with the object of creating employment. The country needs to develop factories and businesses to become more self sufficient but the prime objective is to develop employment. The greatest source of tax is from goods and services that are made and consumed in the country.

The system provides for business costs to be lowered by 20-30% to make the country more competitive and the cost of employment will be reduced  to make it more attractive to investors, by the same token the spending power and standard of living of the people will improve. The tax system will make the country very attractive to investors.

The country would be better to adopt its own currency initially to provide the flexibility to devalue and  revalue while the country gets back on its feet and pays its debts. Staying with the Euro as a currency would not give the flexibility needed for the economy to start weak and become strong and repay it debts when it may reconsider its position. It could still remain a member of the EU.

Education in a belief in HIM needs to be instilled where HIM stands for God’s teachings of Honesty, Integrity and Morality. The Centreline System develops an awareness that the Capitalist may become a Socialist and vice versa because it is based on economics and not politics.