Peter William Bailey was born in Aldershot, England, in 1935. Son of a soldier in the British Army. Was taken to India where he started school and soon thereafter was returned to England with his mother and two sisters and continued his education in the Midlands.

At the age of 18 he opted to go to Southern Rhodesia to join the BSA Police for 6 years.

He then joined a finance company and studied for the Chartered Institute of Secretaries Examinations. He completed them in two years and joined the National Airline which was then Central African Airways, later changed to Air Rhodesia and now Air Zimbabwe. He studied for the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants examinations and got involved in systems and computers.

He married and had two children.

He left the Airways after 20 years and joined a public company Tedco Trading in 1980 as Finance Director when the company was in the hands of the creditors. Two years later, having cleared the creditors problem he became Managing Director.

After 10 years he took early retirement and went into consultancy and then went to England during the recession.  He got tired of advising companies how to go out of business and went to work as accountant for a Jam factory.

During this period he became interested in politics and economics and realised that the recession was largely caused by the Poll Tax which was a tax that hit the poorer parts of the population and in particular it put taxes on teenagers. It was taking the spending power out of the section of the community that spent all of their money. Businesses including shops were closing and he then did an analysis of taxes and how countries obtained their income. He remembered his experience in Tedco  when the new government legislated pay increases for the lower workers and the business did well.

He wrote his first book Another Way in 1994. He printed only 50 copies but the book was to show that there is a different way to look at things. While businessmen needed to control their costs they also needed to look after their market place.

He wrote a second book which was a novel called Bailey’s World in 1996, which tells a story of how a country with severe economic problems had a coup which brought in Bill Bailey as a consultant to turn the economy around – which he did.

On his return to Zimbabwe he wrote Bailey’s World of Economics published in Zimbabwe in 1999, a business solution to the economy. In 2012 he published Its All In The Price which shows exactly how all the taxes are built into the prices charged to the consumers for goods and services. This book was published in USA and is still available from Book stores through Xilbris or as an e book on amazon.
He is still convinced that the World has to change.